3 Great Tips To Make Your Woman Cum

Hot Girl in BedGreat sex is the bedrock of a great relationship. Therefore, partners spare no effort to make sure they engage in steamy sex to keep the flames of love burning. But it’s not a secret that several relationships endure turbulent periods because of sexual starvation. A partner, or a couple, might claim to be sexually starved when the partner just is not there to satisfy their sexual obligations. But the most severe form of sexual starvation is the inability to make your partner cum. This problem, truth be told, is almost linked exclusively with men. This is the reason why this article is going to discuss 3 surefire ways to make a girl cum.

1. Play Around With Her Psychology

Basically, orgasm happens in the brain. Therefore, the first step when you need to make your woman cum definitely would be to psychologically prepare her. You may perform this task from your own point of view, or even from hers also. You might have some physical flaws. Or there may be some negative train of thoughts running through your mind. But you should ensure that this is not the moment you let it overwhelm you. In this regard, you need to reassure yourself that you’re able to do her some real good and don’t delay to let her know about this. But when the imperfections fall on her, like a foul mood or an unfavorable smell, it’s your responsibility as a man to tune her in the right frame of mind for sexual intercourse. As you do this, you should remind her that you’re capable of making her scream, and that by the time you’re through with her, she’ll desperately be begging for more.

2. Extend the Foreplay

Women love sex. But they do this most if the foreplay can last as long as possible. This extremely turns them on and they get in the right mood for sex. Depending on the way you understand your girl, foreplay may range from massaging her back to nibbling her ears, touching inside her thighs (watch this video to learn more), kissing her folds, among others. The secret is that you should do this continuously. Lie on her body, and let your flesh touch and feel hers. Gently spread her and whisper several sweet nothings into her ears. Set her basically at ease and let her to be ready for the sexual encounter. Remember that foreplay shouldn’t always lead to penetrative sex since if carefully done, your woman is going to cum almost as she would’ve done with vaginal intercourse, and if not better.

3. Concentrate on Her Clit

The clitoris is the biggest contributor to her cumming and those men who understand this secret know how they go about stimulating it. Similar to the breasts, licking constantly the clit makes it tender and provides her an extraordinary experience. In turn, this triggers her in such a manner that only she is able to explain. The clitoris never lies, and if it’s rightly stimulated it won’t delay to respond in some short rhythmic beats. When you’re through licking it and her vaginal fluid is flowing all over the place, proceed to gently rub it till it achieves some constant rhythm. She won’t understand what actually makes her feel the way she is feeling.

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